Smart IPTV (SIPTV App):

Short Explaination:

Smart IPTV also called SIPTV is an IPTV application, preinstalled on Smart TV's like Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV. This application is very famos, main reason behind this is a premium application with Pro features like EPG support, catchup, logos and groups of streams.

This a thirdparty app which is pre-installed on your Smart TVs. The SIPTV app is offered free trial for 7 days and later on, you need to purchase license with a lifetime period around 6$.

Smart IPTV (SIPTV) Official

Smart IPTV (SIPTV App) Step by Step Setup Tutorial & Guide:

Before we start, you must have an active IPTV Subscription (m3u/txt) file or link, make sure its not being blocked by your ISP.

Let's Start:

  1. Go to SIPTV playlist uploading website.
  2. Please add TV mac address in the field of MAC.
  3. If you've downloaded file offline, select choose file otherwise paste m3u or txt link in bellow field of M3U or TXT playlist URL
  4. Verify I'm not a robot by Google Captcha (for prevanting spamming by bots) and click on send.
  5. Now you'll see : 1 URL added! Restart the App. That's the confirmation we did right everything and now ready to go. Just restart your App on TV and it will load streams.

Successfully configured SIPTV App for IPTV Service Correctly!

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart IPTV (SIPTV App) and Configuration:

Basically there are 2 reasons behind this, 1 service is not active from server or server itself is down, second: your ISP is blocking your provider's IP. Using VPN is the solution in this cause.

The password on adult channels is added by provider/app to prevant kids from watching these, default password for this is: 0000

The only reason of this is you're using m3u file/link instead of m3u with options file. Fix yourself by replacing m3u with m3u_plus in link or contact provider to send m3u plus file/link.

The thing is, IPTV subscription is provided by your IPTV provider and SIPTV is a thirdparty software, they charge for their app theirself and that's 1 time for lifetime fee. You need to pay for this app in order to continue watching on this application.

Its very simple 2 steps, send your virtual mac address starts with 00:1a:79... to your provider and ask to activate it (get a trial), they'll send you a Portal > add that to STB App and reload portal. All Done!

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