Frequently Asked Questions:

IPTV is an upgrade to old fashion satellite and cable TV.

Yes you can get free trial of IPTVInc for 24 hours.

We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill and Bitcoins.

You'll get an email from us with payment options, like PayPal email or direct paying link. Pay it and confirm us via skype or send transaction id/screenshot via email/contact form.

Please click on Order now > fill form > > now you need to wait till we send you an email with payment information > after paying send transaction id via Skype/Email and we'll provide you link.

Yes you can get free trial of restream IPTV for 24 hours.

We strongly recommend you to get us a free trial of restream IPTV panel and buy only if you like it. But its still refundable for 3 days of order.

PayPal/Skrill and BTC are accepted to buy a new restream or on a recharge to existing IPTV restream line.